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Smudge Bundle

Smudge Bundle

SKU: 1003

Our Smudge Bundles include ethically-sourced, wild palo santo wood, organic sage, organic rosemary, wild flowers and lavender from the Karacotta garden, all wrapped in white, organic cotton string! They’re guaranteed to clear negative energy from your home, office, car and soul, and also, they smell incredible!! Each bundle includes a How-To booklet, for easy smudging. Purchase with our Smudge Dish to save some money and complete your smudging ritual.

  • Return Policy

    Enlighten My Senses has a 14 day refund policy: item must be in resellable quality, buyer pays for shipping back to vendor. Enlighten My Senses will offer either a refund or a replacement.  If broke when recieved, photo of product required before refund or replacement given.

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