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Curious  about CBD? So was I.

In fact, I spent over a month researching, trying out products and educationing myself on this hot new product. What I decided on was to carry 3 different lines to accommodate what I was looking for in wellness CBD lines. I ended up with RE Botanicals, Vital Leaf and Joy Organics. All 3 were chosen because of the highest guidelines that they have within their companies, method of deliveries, ease of use, third party testing, online certificate batch reports, cost effectiveness, certifications, USA grown and made, no heavy metals and philanthropy. All three of these companies met all of these qualities and then some. Each are unique to why I chose them above all of the over 40 lines I looked into. Full Spectrum-minimal amount of THC and Broad Spectrum-no THC, I also feel like it is a cumulative effect in the body, like vitamins, it takes time to work to it's full capacity. CBD is a fast growing business but quality should come before profit and that is where a lot of them fall short. You have to know what you are putting into your body. More information about hemp below and we will be carrying some stock on hand and can order what we do not carry for special requests. 


Joy’s 7-Step Process for the Highest Quality CBD


Plant Forward CBD™



Benefits of CBD

7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)

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