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Learn new and groundbreaking ways to change your anxiety,

panic, thoughts and emotions!

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"Read your book and loved it. Thanks for sharing a part of your life!"



"Such a healthy little gem of a book. What begins as a memoir of personal hardship quickly transcends into a success story of found purpose, inner peace and 10,000 accidental answers to the universe. Amidst this dazzling array of quotes, excepts and personal connections lives a book full of timeless wisdom. A true joy to read."



"I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a down to earth way of portraying how, we as human beings, let our dark emotions get in the way of leading a fulfilling life and sometimes not even realizing that we are doing that.
This book was easy to read with heartwarming quotes, and also has amazing techniques and tools to help you along on your spiritual journey."



"Thank you, thank you ......for having the courage and strength to share your heartfelt journey. It takes a lot of guts to do the self work you have done and continue to do. But I think it takes a 10000000 times more guts to show the world........and you have. Your story will help so many to know they aren't alone . 
 It's My Honor to know you........and thank you again"


"This book did just that. It "Enlightened my Senses". It articulated many of my senses and beliefs that I otherwise had nothing to base them on. As you read, you realize the amount of research and determination this author had in coming to a place of healing.
What I liked most about the book was that it told her story while at the same time laid it out in plain understanding for us readers to begin our own personal journey of discovery. The book was presented well in good sequence making it effortless to read. It drew out emotions of empathy and self realization of what one could see within themselves, much like the author herself.
There was nothing about this book that I personally did not like other than it left me wanting more. I soaked the information up like a human sponge and ultimately, my senses were enlightened. I'm looking forward to a sequel.

I recommend this book to everyone. Anyone born to this planet can find a discovery within its pages.

BRAVO, to the author, Cintra Best!"



"The author shares her own personal experiences, and in doing so, gives us such a real, honest look at how the spiritual journey happens for her. This is pure sharing at its Best :) -- she is not trying to convince the reader to do or believe anything, rather she is offering her own experiences as an example, and allows the reader to take from it what they may. We all have struggles -- the author shares hers and shows how one can face them and grow. Her gentle, yet determined, spirit shines through."



"Life changing, superb thought!"



"I really loved it and just want you to know I was balling at the chapter explaining your dogs passing. I found a lot of the info in there very insightful and helpful to what I have been going through and it gave me new perspective!

I even tried the meditation in the back and plan to write some forgivenesses to help heal some old wounds and let go of some harbored anger." - J

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