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Body B Beautiful

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Limited Edition - Balance - Salt Soak - Munuka Lavender

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Harvested in France from evaporated, nutrient-rich sea water, French Grey Sea Salt gets its name from its varying gray appearance. The salts crystallize on the clay, absorbing minerals and moisture, causing the grey coloring variety.

Due to its high mineral and moisture content, French Grey Sea Salt is incredibly effective to balance the skin’s hydration levels. Blended with Mediterranean Dead Sea Salts, this curative formula detoxifies as it gently soothes all skin types.

Scented to relaxing Manuka Lavender with the extracts of freshly harvested lavender buds and a hint of bergamot to give it an intoxicating essence that is soft, yet sweetly compelling.

Each Body B Beautiful product comes with an affirmation for self empowerment and that helps you to learn to love yourself. Use upon application (or anytime) to love your skin and within.



  • French Grey Sea Salt
  • Mediterranean Dead Sea Salt
  • Essential Oils
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